Rainbows and Rain

Howdy, Everybody;

Day before yesterday, my wife and I saw a double rainbow! We were in the local Walmart parking lot. The primary rainbow was a full rainbow, and the secondary was a really bright 1/8 of the arc on the right side, and for a moment or two very faint arc on the left side as well. The left side of the secondary faded quickly, but the right was bright for quite a while.

That’s probably the second or maybe third double rainbow I’ve ever seen, so I thought it was notable. There are things in the universe worth marveling over, even if we do know how they are created.

Yesterday, we had weird rain. We were sitting on the front porch enjoying the evening, facing out towards the highway. It began a very light rain – on a patch of our yard to the left, maybe 50 feet across. No rain to the right, no rain to the far left – just this patch. The weird thing about it was that it was stable for maybe five minutes. I’ve never seen in do that before, although once when I was a kid, it was raining on one side of the house and not the other. But just to rain in one spot for five minutes or so – remarkable!

I wonder what’s next?


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