Pet Peeve – Cell Phones on the Road

Howdy everybody;

Today, I went to the bank at lunch, it being payday and everything. This is normally something that pretty much uses up my lunch break.

In traffic I got behind this person whom I couldn’t pass and who was going 20 mph under the limit. Talking on a cell phone. A few minutes later I followed an SUV around a corner, and this wacko split the lanes after he turned, so I couldn’t get around him/her. Again, 15 or 20 mph under the limit. When this person finally picked a lane and I could get around them, I saw the driver talking on a cell phone.

Listen, people: slowing down while driving and talking on a cell phone is NOT enough to compensate for your lack of attention to your driving! If you’re going to drive, drive; if you’re not going to drive, get off the freaking road!

I don’t understand how people can be so freaking stupid. First, it’s rude. Second, it’s annoying to everybody else. And Third, it’s dangerous.

If you just MUST talk on the phone, pull over and let the rest of us by! No matter who you are talking to, tell them to hold up while you find a place to park. I know you super-geniuses out there think you can do both, but let me explain it to you – no, you can’t. If you are driving a car, and not giving it your full attention, you don’t need to be on the road.

If this message has offended you, then you are most likely one of those who would offend me if I encountered you on the road.


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