Why I Will Never Buy Another Microsoft Product

unless I just have to have it for my business.

I have a fun computer rig. I have a Macbook Pro – enough said. I’m running Parallels Desktop on it with Windows Vista Business installed in a virtual machine, for when I just have to do those Windows things.

I upgrade Parallels Desktop whenever an update becomes available. I did this about a month ago, and again last night. Apparently it changed the virtual machine enough that it activated Vista’s copy protection, and I got a little warning window that showed up for about three seconds that said if I didn’t activate my copy of Vista it would quit working in three days.

So after I finished what I was doing, I cranked up the Windows Validation tool. Of course, it refused to validate automatically, because I had already validated it when I installed it originally. So I had to call the 1-800 number for validation, where I got to read (to a computer over the phone) nine sets of numbers. Of course, this also failed, so it then kicked me over to a Real Live Person. From the accent, probably somewhere in India or China.

This person then had me read several of the same number groups to her over the phone; then she asked me some questions, such as had I activated it before? And, how many computers am I running this copy of Vista on? The answer, by the way, is ONE – I bought this copy of Vista for the purpose of running it in this virtual machine. Whereupon, the lady gave me nine number sequences that I had to enter into the Vista dialog box. And I was activated – again.

It pisses me off that I have to go through all that just to run an OS that I paid $300 for the privilege of using. It is a major freaking hassle to have to go through to reassure Microsoft that no, I am NOT a thief. Blast you, Microsoft!!! I resent the implication. I’ve paid for every bit of software on any of my computers.

And what if my system updates again, and your validation crap is not available for whatever reason? I get shut down, even though I am totally legal and paid for the product.

I’ll probably have to do this again, the next time Parallels Desktop gets updated. It’s not their fault – It’s Microsoft that doesn’t trust their customers, and builds bear traps into their software.

I will NEVER buy another Microsoft product, unless I simply have no other choice.

Macintosh, on the other hand, has OS X – $129 – no hassle, works on the first try, works really well, and they don’t threaten to cut me off if, in their opinion, my computer gets changed too much. And you can get spreadsheet and word processing software that is just fine – for $79, not the $400 or so that Microsoft charges.

I have Delphi as a programming environment installed in Vista in a virtual machine on my Mac. The two most expensive programs on my computer – Vista $300 and Delphi (upgrade) $400. Over on the Mac side, X-code for programming on the Mac is (wait for it…) IN THE BOX with OS X. How cool is that?

NEVER, Microsoft, NEVER – it’s too late for you – you’ve already burned your bridges with me. Get the picture???


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