Went to see Iron Man

I greatly enjoyed watching Iron Man last night; excellent movie. I’ll probably watch it again.

I was with some friends, and one of them was bothered somewhat by the kid behind him, who kept kicking the back of his seat. My friend Paul turned around and asked the kid nicely to quit. I think it took several times before the kid quit doing it.

This wouldn’t bother me so much, but this kid was in his 20’s. You’d expect better manners from, well, anybody over the age of 8 or so. Reminds me of a sign in the men’s bathroom at work, which was posted to solve an ongoing problem. It says:

If you are
a big enough boy
to pee standing up,
you should be
a big enough man
to clean up the mess.

When you are done,
look down.
If there is a mess,

I just plain don’t understand how so many people reach adulthood without somebody teaching them manners. It shouldn’t be necessary to tell people in their 50’s and 60’s that it’s impolite to piss on the floor or toilet seat. The discipline of manners is taught to children for their safety. So that later on, as an adult, some other adult won’t have to break their teeth to teach them the same manners they should have already learned. And so they won’t embarrass themselves by not knowing how to eat with a fork, or something.

I guess that’ll do, for tonight.


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