My God is an Awesome God!

As a species, we are just beginning to grasp the magnitude of the universe that God has created.

I would recommend that you go to the links of each of the pictures and look at higher resolution photos. Note that these pictures were chosen for their significance, not their beauty. Each of these is ground breaking, eye opening, incredible new information, opening windows in our understanding of the universe. And there are many more.

The photo below (courtesy of Wikipedia) is the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, which looks more than 13 billion light years out (and 13 billion years into the past), a time thought to be within 800 million years of the creation of the universe in the big bang. This photo covers a very small area of the sky, and contains about 10,000 galaxies. Almost every visible speck in this photo is a galaxy, not a star. Our own galaxy, for instance, contains around 300 billion stars. This photo encompasses about one part in 13,000,000 of the sky. Makes me feel small…

wpid-image-hubble-ultra-deep-field3-2008-05-13-19-58.jpgUltra deep fieldWikipedia page
Click on the picture to go to the Wikipedia article. More pictures here.

This next picture is the cosmic microwave background radiation map, indicating a universal average temperature of 2.725 celsius degrees above absolute zero. In other words, the universe has cooled as it has expanded, to this average amount. This value has correlated extremely well with the predictions of the big bang theory. Given that the theory preceded the picture by many years, this is an excellent proof of the theory.

wpid-image-wmap-20083-2008-05-13-19-58.pngWikipedia page

The birth of stars and star systems in the constellation Orion. The blobs are condensing star systems… visible proof that creation in the sense of stars and planets is still going on!


Us, from the edge of our solar system – Carl Sagan’s famous Pale Blue Dot (hint: Earth has got a blue circle around it). Taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft, it was about 3.7 billion miles away at the time of the photo. You, me, and everyone we know are in this picture!

wpid-palebluedot3-2008-05-13-19-58.jpgWikipedia article

These are just a few of the incredible photos of the universe showing a bit of God’s creation. If you find this as wonderful as I do, you can find many even more beautiful photos at or at

I have been really blessed in my lifetime to have been privileged to see these things. These simply were not available when I was young. And there is so much remaining to be discovered! Thank You, God, for giving me such great toys for my mind!


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