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Faith vs Science

The scientist says “This is a fact I know” and “This is my interpretation of what it means.” The first part is always good. The second part is where scientists get in trouble. The religious scholar says “This is what … Continue reading

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The War Against Bahia Grass

Changed the blades on my mower this morning. I’ve got a Toro Titan Z5200 zero-turn mower, and it’s the neatest thing since sliced bread was invented. I now mow two acres in less than 1 1/2 hours, which used to … Continue reading

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One Reason I Switched to Mac

Genuine headline on OSnews website: “Man Gets Windows Vista to Work With Printer”. Enough said. -Popgun

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Father’s Day Movie

Second Hand Lions – recommended – and appropriate to the day. -Popgun

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Father’s Day

I spent a bit of time today thinking about Father’s Day, and about being a father, and also thinking about my oldest son also being a father. I thought of how proud I am of my boys. And it’s been … Continue reading

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Things Not to Do on a Motorcycle

The voice of experience: Never follow too close behind a cattle trailer while riding a motorcycle. -Popgun

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Self Defense and Guns

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but here are a couple of excellent websites to learn not only about concealed carry and defense with a firearm, but why you would want to consider it. Oleg Volk’s A Human Right Kathy Jackson’s … Continue reading

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About the Motorcycle Thing

Looks like I’m getting the Suzuki after all. It should be here in about a week. I’m really looking forward to this. When you spend many years developing a set of skills, you really feel like you’re missing something in … Continue reading

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