Guns for Self Defense, and Heller

I just finished reading a site which listed a bunch of incidents in which a (legal) concealed handgun carrier was in a position to stop or reduce the damage created by a nutcase (bad guy) with a gun. Then I started reading the comments. Most of them were pro-gun, but there was one guy who was offensively, rabidly anti-gun, and was truly rude about it, descending to name-calling and personal insult.

The Supreme Court ruled that a person has the right to own and use and have available common weapons, including hand guns, for the purpose of self defense. The local government in DC immediately (sort of) complied, by requiring those who wished to register their guns. They denied Heller (the one who’s case went before the Court) his permit because he brought a semi-automatic pistol to register, just like the one I’m wearing on my hip right now. They denied it because it was a ‘machine gun’ because it had a bottom-loading magazine (their definition). This demonstrates the law in DC (possibly) obeying the letter of the law of the land, but most certainly not its intent. I have no respect for those people, who think their opinion should be law.

It appears to me that there are people on both sides of the gun debate that are not willing to consider the other side’s viewpoint. I myself have no particular willingness to disarm myself to make the anti-gun crowd happy.

If you want to actually find out the truth of the subject, do some research with real statistics. Go to and read some true, documented, undistorted studies and make up your own mind. I’m not kidding – the anti-gunners commonly lie, distort, and make up their own statistics. Many of them are debunked here. The info at the site is the real deal. Study it, and then make up your own mind. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who actually goes to the trouble to study the facts, and then wants to discuss it.

To make me happy (on this subject), all that is required is that you let me continue to legally keep and carry my guns just as I do now. Just leave me alone.

To make the anti-gun crowd happy, I would have to give up all my guns. So in short, they’re getting in my face; the opposite is not true.

There are only two possible reasons I can think of why the anti-gunners want to take away my guns:

  1. They are afraid of me.
  2. They are afraid me and all my friends are going to try to take over the country, or something.

It can’t possibly be about saving lives. If you want to save lives, go tackle the problem of the 42,000 plus people who die on the highway EVERY YEAR because of drunk driving. It’s a far bigger, more deserving, problem to solve. I suppose we could ban all the cars; or maybe all the booze.

I’m not going around shooting people, or even letting them know I’m armed; so what’s their problem? I’ve been through a deep security background check to get my license; the police are always glad to see my CHL because they know I’ve been through that check. In short, I understand why I carry, and I understand under what circumstances it is right to use it, and you are safe from me. In fact, you’re safer with me in the room than if I’m not. Because if someone evil attempts something awful, I will try to stop them.

So, gun haters; why do you have such a big chip on your shoulder about this subject?


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