Here in East Texas, we were expecting to get 12 – 20 inches of rain, based on the forecast track of the storm inland. However, the storm curved to the northeast, instead of the sharp turn to the west originally forecast. So it is raining pretty steadily, but nowhere near the intensity we had expected. Now the accumulation through tomorrow is expected to be only a couple of inches.

Our place was never at risk for flooding, as we are on a sort of a ridge surrounded by bottom lands. However, really heavy rains cause other problems – in one major flood event we were unable to get to town until the waters receded. This time, however, there are no problems for us.

The only glitch so far was a power failure about 3 AM that affected my area; the power came on as I was putting my socks on this morning. So we’re good to go.

I sure am glad that the storm didn’t do as much damage as anticipated along the coast. The combination of storm strength lower than expected, with (much!) better preparation, resulted in far better results than with Katrina.

Of course, since this went so well, the next time a big storm approaches New Orleans, not nearly as many people will evacuate, and the outcome will probably be worse than this time. That’s the problem with living somewhere like New Orleans – you have to evacuate every time a storm comes along, if you’re smart; if you get tired of doing that and try to ride it out, sooner or later that decision catches up with you. Human nature, I guess.

I guess that same bit of human nature applies to living where there are earthquakes, fires, twisters, and volcanoes as well. We never think the threat, whatever it is, will get us.


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