Gustav entry #2

Gustav is now just rain, and even that seems to be out of our area for the moment. The roads are wet, but no rain at the moment. The radar shows the storm spinning around Texarkana, but it’s got big gaps in it.

So I think it’s mostly over, for us. I understand the evacuees are beginning to head back to the coast, so that’s good, too. I’m sure they have a lot of cleanup to do, but it will be trivial compared to last time.

Looks like lessons were learned from Katrina. Personally, I don’t hold the events of Katrina against anybody. It was a brand new situation that had never happened before; there were certain to be screwups. It would have been inexcusable had the various governments not changed their reactions to take advantage of those lessons, however. It’s nice to see positive developments in our governance. Gustav was just strong enough to allow those responsible to test their changes; so the next time a category 5 storm comes ashore, we have some confidence in how it will be managed.

Of course, since Gustav went so well, a lot of the evacuees may decide to ride out the next one. And that might be very dangerous.

I get to go home to play with my granddaughter at lunch, and if the radar is still clear I may ride my Suzuki back to work.

Have a nice day, everyone!


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