Hurricane Ike Has Been Here

Ike passed by I-20 yesterday afternoon around 2 PM. Our power failed about 10 minutes later. I’m posting this on my Mac laptop via aircard.

We live out in the boonies, so no city water. We have water drawn up in the bathtubs to use for toilet flush water, so we’re probably OK that way for several days. We have plenty to eat, but no electricity for A/C or pumping water. Via the internet, I find that Longview, the nearest large city, has lost power to their water treatment plant, so they have to be careful, too.

We’ll make it. The people south of us need help a lot worse than we do. We’re around 250 miles from the coast.

Got about an hour left of batteries for my laptop. Going to shut down now to conserve those; we might need them later. We expect the power may be out for several days.


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