Ike, Day 4

I’m at work again, where there’s electricity. Power went out Saturday around 2 PM, and it’s still out. We’re on the Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative grid, and an article on the local news website said that they had 3019 outages to go in the repairs, as of noon yesterday. So maybe today, with luck.

I’ve been thinking about getting a generator. Even if I get one, it’d probably be too late to help much with this event, but these things do seem to happen every once in a while, so it might be worthwhile. We’ve reached the point where most things in the freezer and refrigerator will have to be thrown out, and that’s a few hundred bucks right there.

We’re adapting, a bit. The batteries died on my razor a couple of days ago, so I’ve been shaving with my old three blade hand razor. With cold water. My cell phone battery is about to give up the ghost. We have about another day’s worth of water in the bathtub to use to flush the toilet. We’ve taken two showers over at our son’s house so far.

At least it was cooler yesterday and last night, so we slept a lot better. It was down to 52 degrees when I left for work this morning, so I wore my Aerostich Roadcrafter when I rode to work. Silly me, I forgot to check all the vent zippers, so it was a bit cool even so.

Maybe the power will come on today. I hope so.

Just for the record, I’m not complaining. Lots of people to the south of us are in worse shape, and many of them will be without electricity for a lot longer than we will. Remember them, folks. There’s people down that way that are having trouble getting drinking water and food, much less electricity.


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