Today, Rascal is going to the vet. He’s keeping one foot off the ground, for no obvious reason. No swelling, doesn’t act like he’s in pain, except he doesn’t want to put his right-front foot down.

Rascal is a very smart, very good dog, but he’s definitely his own person. He doesn’t tolerate unauthorized invasion of his space. He’s happy to let you pet him, but if he thinks you’re trying to trim his hair or mess with his feet, he turns evil. In a nice way, sort of. He’s a good watch-dog and I have reason to believe he has probably prevented at least one burglary of our home.


We love Rascal.


ADDENDUM: Back from the vet. It turns out that Rascal has something akin to athlete’s foot, only for dogs. We get to soak his feet and feed him antibiotics twice a day for a while.

Good dog!


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