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#$%^& Vista!

It happened again!! Working along in my CAD system in Vista; Vista arbitrarily decides to install updates, dumps me out of my CAD system WITHOUT LETTING ME SAVE MY WORK, and begins to install updates that require a reboot. I’m … Continue reading

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Things That Make You Want To Shoot Your Computer

A person I know has a brand new laptop running Vista. It came with Symantec’s Norton A/V 2008. At the end of the trial period, he used the option on the system menu to uninstall it. Mysteriously, at that point, … Continue reading

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There’s still joy in the world, in spite of all the problems. We’re going to be grandparents again, sometime towards the end of January, and we found out yesterday that the child will be a boy! And, everybody’s healthy. It’s … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Physics

Most people, even those who ride motorcycles, don’t realize this bit of physics. Have you ever wondered why it is easy to balance a motorcycle while going down the road, but hard to balance one while sitting still (with your … Continue reading

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The terminal velocity of somebody falling out of a plane at 30,000 feet is around 120 mph depending on how they orient themselves. Wind drag is the reason; in a vacuum, the subject would just keep getting faster until impact. … Continue reading

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