Things That Make You Want To Shoot Your Computer

A person I know has a brand new laptop running Vista. It came with Symantec’s Norton A/V 2008. At the end of the trial period, he used the option on the system menu to uninstall it. Mysteriously, at that point, his 3G Alltel modem won’t work. It’ll dial, connect, and then claim the computer on the other end doesn’t want to talk.

Poking around with it, I found that Norton is apparently not completely uninstalled by using the – wait for it – Unistall – ; menu selection. I am not amused.

I found at least two services running that I was able to identify as being associated with Norton. I was able to turn them off, but it doesn’t seem to have helped.

Manual removal using a guide I found on the internet failed, because some of the files are write-protected in such a way that they can’t be deleted. The next thing to try is Symantec’s Removal Tool. Of course, since the Uninstall option distributed with the program didn’t work, I don’t have a lot of hope for this, either.

Everything else is working fine – except the cellular modem. Somehow the (partial) uninstallation attempt did something to the modem, or its settings, or maybe the firewall settings, that we haven’t figured out yet.

It is hard for me to understand how a company can stay in business that produces crap like Symantec’s antivirus products. And I would be amazed by this if I hadn’t seen similar behavior with their products over the last few years. It’s been about two years now since I got rid of my last Symantec product, and I do not recommend their software to any of my friends or clients. Incredible incompetence. I have spent more time fighting Norton Anivirus than I ever spent recovering from a virus.

Very simple, Symantec – ‘        Uninstall’ should work. If you can’t get this right, what good are you?


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