About the Licensed Carry of Firearms

There are a couple of interesting movements going on right now. First, President Bush has enabled us to concealed-carry in national parks, if we can legally carry on the street. This is great news – and here’s an article by Brigid at Home on the Range that explains why this is a good idea. She’s much more word-wise than I am, it’s a good read.
If you haven’t got time to read her article, the salient point is this: four bear attacks last year – but in 2006 (latest available statistics), there were 116,588 reported violent crimes in national parks. Brigid breaks it down more specifically. The biggest danger to you in a national park (or anywhere else, really) is your fellow man (or woman).
The other movement that I favor is for open carry of firearms in Texas. Lawdog has a great article on this subject. I’m strongly in favor of this for the same reason that I’m in favor of carrying concealed – the right to self defense. When honest people are allowed to defend themselves with guns, violent crime rates inevitably fall – because the bad guys must assume greater risk when they do their deeds.
Lawdog makes one point that I thought was particularly interesting. The opponents of guns will tell you that if open carry becomes law, there will be a bloodbath on every corner, as in the old west. Lawdog points out that the Hollywood old west is NOT the real old west – the real old west had a murder rate much less than that of any modern big city.
And there is a reason for that. The reason was that in the real old west, the victims could shoot back!

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