There’s a Squirrel in the Machine

I was having random strange electrical problems with my car. I ride my motorcycle whenever my health and the weather permit, so the car’s been sitting a lot up until recently, when the weather started getting bad. Last week, it suddenly lost the automatic door locks, the instrument lights (except the odometer, for some reason), and the electric windows (except for the ones on the back, for some reason). Kind of a weird mix of problems.
After checking the fuses, which were good, eventually I took it to my favorite mechanic.
Turns out there was a squirrel living underneath the fuse panel under the hood. It had eaten completely through a few wires.
I have to admit that this is one vehicle problem I’ve never had before.
I’m going to try sprinkling a few naphthalene-based moth-balls around the car-port and under the panel where the squirrel was nesting. This technique will work to get skunks out from under your house or storage building, for instance, so maybe it will work on squirrels.

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