Yesterday, January 22, 2009, Tanner was born, my second grandchild. Everything went perfectly, and Tanner and his mother (and father) are healthy and happy as of last night.
There is always wonder at the birth of a child; a new person coming into the world. This one in particular will carry on the family name; he’s the only boy in his generation of this branch of our family. I hope that he and his sister both grow up to be good in every way; intelligent, strong, healthy, wise, and rich in the love of God.
For me personally, and my wife, this is a really big event, for lots of reasons. This may or may not be our last grandchild, for one thing. He is someone we can watch grow up, if we are given that much time. When you get right down to it, a grandchild gives an older person one more reason to keep on going for as long as possible. Watching a life unfold… this is the greatest show on earth!

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