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Do You Know…

Here’s a thought: you are going to survive everything that EVER happens to you – except the last thing. So really, you’ve only got one thing to worry about, right? Have a nice day! -Popgun

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Lasergrips on my XD-45

Saturday, I had the chance to go waste some ammo at the deer lease, so I took the opportunity to sight in my Lasergrips on my XD-45 ACP. From the factory, they were shooting just a bit high; adjusted one … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

Happiness is NOT having the flu! -Popgun

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Back at Work

I’m back at work. I’m not over the flu, but I am no longer contagious. Theoretically. I went three days in a row without ever putting on my socks. Some kind of record, for me. So, what’s the longest you’ve … Continue reading

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The flu is going around down here in East Texas. I started showing symptoms Tuesday afternoon, with just a touch of coughing and what felt like sinus coming on. Went to the movies with a friend, Rick, that night.    … Continue reading

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Informal iPhone 3G Review

I’ve been using the iPhone 3G (16 GB) for about four months, now. I’m about to describe my real-life experience with this device. This review is not all-encompassing – I’m going to describe my own perceptions of using my iPhone. … Continue reading

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