The flu is going around down here in East Texas.
I started showing symptoms Tuesday afternoon, with just a touch of coughing and what felt like sinus coming on. Went to the movies with a friend, Rick, that night.   
Wednesday, I went to work. I made it most of the day, but I felt progressively worse all day, and I left two hours early. I was beginning to suspect I had the flu. Lot’s of heavy coughing and spitting, and nose-blowing. Wednesday night was very bad – same as above, but uncontrollable. Probably didn’t sleep 10 minutes in a row all night. My abdominal muscles are all sore from the coughing.
Thursday, called in sick, went to Doctor. Doctor said “yep, it’s the flu” and gave me prescriptions. He told me I should be able to go back to work on Monday. Me, I’m not too sure about that.
Since then, more of the same, but slightly better – the medicine seems to help me control the coughing some. I can only sleep in one position comfortably, mainly because of the frequent need to reach the Kleenex.
This is Saturday morning. I have lost 8.4 pounds since Tuesday morning.
After I was showing symptoms, but before I knew I was contagious, several people were exposed. So far, my boss, my friend Rick, and my wife have come down with it. This flu is extremely virulent. I am thankful that my granddaughter, who was briefly exposed on Wednesday, apparently did not catch it; especially since she has a newborn younger brother.
I bet I get a flu shot next year. Although, I have to note, they aren’t 100% effective; Rick had had one, and he caught it anyway.
Things are bound to get better. The law of averages demands it.

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