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My Dad Shot Maxwell Smart

Once upon a time, when I was about 12 years old, my Dad shot Maxwell Smart. It happened like this: Dad had bought himself a used Belgium Browning .22 rifle, take-apart; it was the same as the one in this … Continue reading

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OK, This One’s for Ali

Quite a long time ago, say about 51 years ago, my sister decided to dig a swimming pool. She was about eight years old at the time. Having secured our father’s permission, she started digging a hole in the back … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Pockets?

I’ve seen this done by other bloggers, and thought it was a neat idea. However, it seems I never had a camera handy at an opportune time, until today. So here it is – the contents of my pockets (and … Continue reading

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My Day Job

I don’t blog much about work. Not because interesting things don’t happen there, but I would never want to cause my employer difficulty by anything I might inadvertently say. However, some of this last week holds lessons that deserve to … Continue reading

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