Microsoft Windows vs Apple OS X

There have been some ads put out by Microsoft recently that emphasize that Macs cost more than Windows machines, for equivalent hardware. This may in fact be true to a certain extent, though not nearly as much as Microsoft would want you to think. They made some highly selective choices in their ‘report‘.
Also, their numbers don’t take the operating system and bundled software into account. Even if it is true that Macs cost more, you are getting a lot more for your money. Nor do they mention that, since Apple provides both OS X and the hardware it runs on, the system integration is much better than on Windows machines – everything works very well together, since every piece of hardware was tested with the operating system.
I switched to the Mac about the time Microsoft came out with Vista. I do use XP and Vista on several other machines, daily, and have since the advent of Windows; so I have the background to have a valid opinion.
I’m not going back to Windows as long as OS X, and the software that runs on it, continues to be of the quality it is. There are a number of reasons for this, but the biggest thing for me personally is probably that OS X is so much more efficient to use, from my perspective. I can do more, in less time, and with lots less pain, on OS X than I can on any version of Windows to date.
I’ll bet my blood pressure dropped ten points when I switched to the Mac.
Furthermore, I’m still using the 17″ MacBook Pro I bought 28 months ago – and I’m still happy with it. It still feels as fast as the day I bought it – it hasn’t slowed down from sludge in the system as happens with Windows, even though I test a lot of software. So I bought a pricier computer – but I’m keeping it longer and enjoying it more.
Shucks, the difference is so great that I find myself writing articles like this one. Amazing.

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