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Self Defense in a World Without Guns

I was reading comments on another blog the other day, and some guy posted something like this: “I wish they’d just get rid of all the guns and then nobody would have to worry anymore.” Idiot. What do you do … Continue reading

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When I was around 13 or 14, we had a dog named Joseph. I don’t know what breed Joseph was, but he was short-haired, about knee high, with perky ears, reddish tan colored, and very smart. Joseph was my constant … Continue reading

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Pulp Wood and Snakes, #1

Once, when cutting pulp wood, Rick and I had cut down a lot of trees – we’d cut the trees down first, then go around cutting them into lengths to stack on the truck. So the ground looked like we … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Tires – Finally

Well, I finally got the tires mounted on my Suzuki. As mentioned earlier, I mounted the tires myself, to save the $150 the dealer would have charged. Of course, I had to buy a set of tire irons, and altogether, … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Revisited

We had great fun this Mother’s day. We finally managed to really surprise Texas Grandma. J flew in from New York, and Texas Grandma didn’t have a clue. We had set up a Mother’s Day luncheon on Saturday in a … Continue reading

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An Unusual Day Cutting Pulp Wood

This is the true story of one day cutting pulpwood. Granted, it was an unusual day – but this all happened on one day. We usually started early, because it was cooler. On this particular day, Rick’s cousin Gene was … Continue reading

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Quote From the Pulpwood Days

When I was a teenager, my neighbor and I made summer money by cutting pulpwood. We used a boom-truck with a home-made winch to load the wood on the truck. An often-heard quote: “Ok, set it down!” (normal tone of … Continue reading

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An Interesting Statistical Study

Popgun’s World was recently one of the subjects of a study done by a college student up in the northeast, and it was pretty interesting. For convenience, I’ll refer to this student as M. The goal was to find out … Continue reading

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Once, my family and I were walking through a local mall. Coming towards us was a teenager with a black tee shirt on, with the following logo on the front. 
 I asked my son J, “Why’s that guy got … Continue reading

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Sayings of Popgun

I’m not afraid of dying; I’m afraid of nearly dying. -Popgun

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