Number 34

Yesterday was our 34th wedding anniversary.
In this day and age, this seems like a record. But it wasn’t hard at all. If you come to understand deeply that “the two will become one flesh” (Matthew 19:5), then you have the answer.
Sometimes your hand fumbles and drops something – but you don’t get mad at it – it’s part of you. You might get mad at yourself for making a mistake, but you don’t get mad at your hand.
In the same way, you develop true forgiveness for each other’s foibles. You love your entire spouse, not just the best parts. You both know that whatever each of you does, you’re in it together, so you deal with it and go on. This concept also means that you actively try not to do anything that would hurt the other; the same as trying not to hit your hand with a hammer. You do everything with an understanding that it affects your spouse as well.
It takes understanding, patience – and love.
In this respect, I have been truly blessed.

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