Still Sick…

I’m at work, but I’m still sick. I don’t feel all that great, and I’ve nearly completely lost my voice.
This does have some unanticipated good side effects. For instance, my co-workers have taken mercy on me, and I don’t have to answer the phone. At our company, everyone in the office shares responsibility for answering the phone; so that’s an aggravation I get to skip for the moment.
On the flip side, I effectively have a one-way iPhone. Pretty hard to have a conversation.
Thank goodness for email. Maybe I should start texting – I know how, but haven’t ever had much enthusiasm for it. Since I’m usually in front of my Mac, email is quicker; I’m a pretty fast typist.
Speaking of that, I use the Dvorak keyboard. How many of you folks have tried that? If you get interested, find a picture of the Dvorak layout and tape it to your desk next to your computer. Change the keyboard settings on your computer. Spend a week doing everything in Dvorak. You’ll never go back to Qwerty. It takes a day or two to learn all the keys and get your fingers trained, and about a week before you can go as fast as you did on Qwerty. Ah, but then – you get faster yet, and you notice your fingers aren’t working as hard. It’s just plain more efficient, and if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with typing as one of your skills, it’s worth the switch.
And nobody will mess with your computer when you’re away from your desk.

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