J Has it Right

My son J , up in New York, has it right, some of the time – like right now.
Here in East Texas, it is 97°F with a heat index of 105°F. The high is actually 100°F which we will see about the time I go home from work. Riding home feels like swimming in hot syrup. It’s been this way all week. The forecast is: 100°F for the next three days – then it drops to 99°F. Down here, if your A/C goes out, it’s serious!
Metal objects, like your seat belt, become branding irons. Buckle your seatbelt and scream. The criteria for selecting a parking spot has more to do with the location of shade than it does with how close you are to your destination. CD’s wilt in your car. It sprinkled where Texas Grandma was yesterday for a few minutes, and she said you could hear the sucking sound as the ground pulled it in. Oil actually comes to the surface of the black-top roads. There was a guy in a motorcycle accident the other day, who almost fried before the medics picked him up off the road. NOBODY goes barefooted outdoors on pavement.
I hope it rains someday. Not for me, so much, as for my Grandson, who has never seen it.
On the other hand, in New York City, it is 71°F, heat index 71°F and the high is 77°F for the day. If I could teleport, I’d take a break in Central Park.
On the other other hand, there are times when New Yorkers have to wade through freezing slush to get to the nearest subway. When they’re doing that, I’ll still be riding my motorcycle to work…
Climate is what you want. Weather is what you get.

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