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If it Has Moving Parts, it will Break

My son’s truck is in the shop, recovering from an accident. My daughter-in-law’s car had to go in the shop to fix a mysterious engine light / performance problem, Friday. My van, which she was using for a day or … Continue reading

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I’ve been wondering for years why mosquitos love me so much. I get invited to parties to keep the mosquitos off the other guests. I just had an epiphany. Maybe it’s because of the coffee – after all, when they … Continue reading

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He’s a Rascal. -Popgun

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Number 34

Yesterday was our 34th wedding anniversary. In this day and age, this seems like a record. But it wasn’t hard at all. If you come to understand deeply that “the two will become one flesh” (Matthew 19:5), then you have … Continue reading

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“Angels and Demons” the novel

Angels and Demons – the novel, not the movie. I started it, but gave up after a hundred pages. It seemed extremely unrealistic to me that somebody with an actual college degree, a Harvard professor no less, had never even … Continue reading

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It being that time of year, I’ve been contemplating the pointlessness of mowing the grass, which I do about twice a week. Our yard is about two acres. The <insert expletive here> bahia grass (pronounced buh-hay-yuh, around here), will literally … Continue reading

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Philosophy of Self Defense

This excerpt from the Cornered Cat, pretty much sums it up for most cases of self defense or defense of others: Awhile back, some lowlife in Portland, Oregon, kidnapped a 10-year-old boy. A witness reported the kidnapping, and gave a … Continue reading

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