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“Is the color orange that you see the same as the color orange I see?” This is a deeper question than you might think. I mean, here we are, both looking at the same orange object. My brain interprets what … Continue reading

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Recursiveness in Blogging…

Here’s a picture of my blogging… Recursive! -Popgun

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Synchronizing the iPhone

I just synchronized my iPhone 3G, 16 GB model, with my MacBook Pro. I was noticing all the empty space on the iPhone – like 13.24 GB free; so I decided on a whim to put all my photos on … Continue reading

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Fish Tank

I just added water to the fish tank in my office. I think I heard one of the fish cosmologists talking to another fish about how the universe is clearly expanding, at the speed of current. -Popgun

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Wasting Ammo

Yesterday after work, a friend and I went to the lease to spend some time wasting ammo with our SIG556‘s. It is our custom, for safety’s sake, that only one of us shoots at a time. I had sighted mine … Continue reading

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Vacation was Good!

Vacation was good, but now I’m back at work. For me, this was, in a way, an odd vacation. I almost simulated being retired for a week. We did make a few semi-local trips, but it was nice and relaxed; … Continue reading

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Vacation Chores

I may have mentioned that I’m on vacation this week. I haven’t gone on any trips or anything like that. Monday I bought a truck. Tuesday I started on the installation of a thermostatic vent fan in my workshop / … Continue reading

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Bought a new Truck

I’m on vacation this week. Yesterday, I spent a good chunk of the day trading in my old ’05 Dodge Grand Caravan on a new truck. I had certain criteria I wanted to satisfy; in no particular order: Good A/C … Continue reading

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Hot in East Texas again

The forecast as of this morning: We went to the Great Texas Balloon Race in Longview last night. When we arrived, there was a Warthog A-10 Thunderbolt flying around and going through it’s paces; this is really fascinating to watch, … Continue reading

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I bet the Mac’s in Heaven are free, wireless access is everywhere, and the internet speeds are so fast they can’t be measured. (I guess that would be Godspeed!) -Popgun

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