Vacation was Good!

Vacation was good, but now I’m back at work.
For me, this was, in a way, an odd vacation. I almost simulated being retired for a week. We did make a few semi-local trips, but it was nice and relaxed; no planes to catch, or schedules to meet.
I did some maintenance work and minor improvements around the home-place, we took the grandkids to the zoo, we did a little shopping with friends. It was nice.
Just living. Not everything has to be exciting to be valuable and enjoyable. Sometimes, you have to just back off and spin down for a bit. It took me quite a few years to realize that.
I really enjoy a day when I can say I’ve paid the rent on my patch of Earth, though. That’s what it feels like when I finish one of those projects around the house. And that’s what it feels like after a good day at my day job, as well.
Have a nice day!

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