Wasting Ammo

Yesterday after work, a friend and I went to the lease to spend some time wasting ammo with our SIG556‘s. It is our custom, for safety’s sake, that only one of us shoots at a time. I had sighted mine in some time ago, but this was my friend’s first opportunity to do so, so he did most of the shooting on this trip, seeing as how we were somewhat time limited by daylight.
Next time, we’re taking a butterfly net to catch the brass. I think this could be a fun way to occupy those not shooting at the moment. OK, I have a weird sense of humor.
Anyhow, the weather was pleasant, blue sky, comfortable temperature. We have an area maybe 80 feet wide by around 800 yards long which is bulldozed clear, which we use as a rifle range.
Disclaimer: Although I am in my mid-50’s, I only really got interested in guns a few years ago, and rifles only a few months ago. So if I forget and say ‘clip’ instead of ‘magazine’, get over it. Those of you who get hung up on terminology need to relax a little… and if it makes you feel superior, that’s OK with me. Maybe you know more than I do; believe it or not, I have no problem with that. But watch out, I’m gaining on you… I may be relatively new to this, but I’m learning fast.
Compared to the AR-15 I bought first, I really do like the SIG556. It is gas piston operated, which makes it run cleaner and cooler. It doesn’t need a charging handle to operate; to charge it, you pull back on the bolt and let go. This seems much more natural to me, and easier to do while in firing position. The SIG is a bit heavier than an AR-15. Mine came with back-up fixed sights, a holographic sight and a folding stock. The folding stock is really handy for storing the gun, and it can be fired with the stock folded, which may be useful in home-defense situations using a laser for sighting.
I’m not a hunter, but I do enjoy target shooting and plinking, which I used to do a lot as a teenager. With the SIG, you can load a 30 round magazine and walk down the creek beds looking for targets of opportunity – your occasional coke can, or maybe a cotton-mouth or two. I find this really relaxing. This would also be a great varmint gun if you happen to need one. And to me, it is just plain fun to see just how close I can group those shots at increasing ranges.
If I didn’t think the cops would show up, I’d put a lawn chair on my roof and sit up there shooting gophers. This is something my Dad would have done, and no mistake. He in fact did frequently sit in his side yard, in front of the garden, with a beer on the table and a snake-charmer .410 in his lap, shooting gophers. This was right next to the highway, too. He would expose one of their tunnels, and wait for them to come fill it back in, whereupon he would blast the pest. In my favor should be that if I did this, at least I’d be cold sober.
Hmmm. I wonder if there’s anything illegal about sitting on your own land holding a rifle, out here in the boonies? Can the cops in fact do anything about it? Probably. In these degenerate times, they’d come up with some excuse like ‘public endangerment’, as if I’m not competent to hit the ground from 20 feet away.
On a more serious note, my second purpose for this rifle is home and self defense. If someone breaks into my home while I am there, my first line of defense is my .45, which I am more likely to be able to get to in a hurry. However, given time to do so, I’ll grab the SIG, which is a lot more firepower.
And, whatever comes to us here in the U.S., I hope it will be peaceful; but if it is not, I am at least better able to defend my family, home and property than I would be otherwise. I see hard times coming, but I hope I’m wrong. In any case, having an effective means of self defense is never a bad idea.

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