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Today is my Sister’s Birthday

Today I celebrate the lives of my sister and my mother, in this small way. Today (October 29) is my sister’s birthday. Four years my senior, she would have been 60 today, if she had survived. I miss her still, … Continue reading

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Mac Ads

The funny thing about the Mac ads (vs Windows 7) is that they are based on truth. I’m beginning to think that John Hodgman actually works for Microsoft… -Popgun

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Tires – What a Pain

Saturday before last, I loaded up my trailer with some light trash and went to the local dump. On the way back, about a mile from the dump, the trailer’s right tire shredded. So there I was, in misting rain, … Continue reading

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A Thought

As a Christian, I believe that I will live forever (after I die). Maybe we’re here on this earth to learn patience. Somebody that lives forever is going to need a lot of patience. -Popgun

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Went to See Zombieland Last Night

Last night was Pokeno night for the ladies, so the guys (three members of the Silver Horde) bunched up and went to see Zombieland. It’s definitely rated R for gore, violence and cussing. It was extremely funny, though. We all … Continue reading

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Web Comics

Here recently, I have gotten interested in web comics. Normally, I do not use my computer for entertainment, but I do read a number of blogs daily. The very first blog I got interested in was The Lawdog Files. I’m … Continue reading

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