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Here recently, I have gotten interested in web comics. Normally, I do not use my computer for entertainment, but I do read a number of blogs daily. The very first blog I got interested in was The Lawdog Files. I’m pretty sure it was Lawdog who mentioned Roswell, Texas. That got me started. Later on, he mentioned Digger, and i’m still reading that one. So now I find myself following several comics daily. I’m going to list my favorites, and why I like them.
The ability to save multiple pages in tab sets in the Safari browser is really handy when you are doing comics. I’ll open three or four at once, read one and tell it to load the next page, then read the next tab while it’s loading, and so on. When I’m done, I save the tab set so I can pick up where I left off. This works great.
In no particular order:
Roswell, Texas – a fun alternate history in which Texas is a sovereign nation. It’s a good read, but be warned, it is designed to introduce the concepts of Libertarianism. I’m not quite a libertarian, but I enjoyed the Texas as depicted in the story. Complete story. Addendum: I especially like the fact that all adults in Texas are required by law to go armed…
Escape From Terra – this is a good sci-fi read by the same people that did Roswell. In process. Same Libertarian slant, but don’t let that slow you down. Most of it takes place in the asteroid belt.
Digger – an interesting story with good artwork. Fantasy. The main character is a wombat who winds up on a quest of sorts, and has a lot of peculiar friends. In process.
Schlock Mercenary – a space opera, and it is hilarious. It’s been around a long time, and is still in process. Anybody with a gun that goes ‘ominouuus hummmmm‘ when turned on, has got to be funny, and it is.
Freefall – science fiction, with often accurate science. Funny. Still in process. The main character is Florence, a genetically engineered Bowman’s Wolf who is smart, funny, and has moral sense. This is one of my favorites.
Girl Genius – this is steampunk, pure fantasy, and a great read. Adventure with a lot of humor. This is one of my favorites. Great artwork, fun characters, and even some of the bit characters are really funny. Starts off in black and white, but changes to color in a few chapters. Still in process.
Winters in Lavelle – I just discovered this one, and it isn’t very long yet. In process. A portal-into-another-world type fantasy. Good so far but too soon to tell if it will hold my attention. Artwork is good.
The Wandering Ones – this is a future-history science fiction, in which American Indian type tracking skills are combined with future military capability in a post U.S.A. world. Ongoing, this is a long running story, and it has held my interest. Good quality.
Code Name: Hunter – is a fantasy, with a feel of late 1800’s England. The characters seem to be all intelligent dogs. Great artwork and humor, with a good dash of adventure as well. I like this one a lot. Ongoing.
The Dreamland Chronicles – I wasn’t too sure about this one at first, but I got hooked. The premise is that in reality, where you go in your dreams is real. The artwork is 3D software created rather than cartoonist work. It’s a good story. In process.
Tomb of the King – fantasy, with elves and things. Great art, pretty good story. Ongoing.
Odd-Fish – pure humor, in a fishy kind of way. I had no idea there were so many ways to make puns with things fish-related. Ongoing.
Paradigm Shift – great werewolf story. Really good artwork, interesting story, engaging characters. Ongoing, but hasn’t updated in a while. I’m going to be ticked if I don’t get to see how this comes out.
Galaxion – science fiction in the vein of Star Trek, only with great artwork, good character development, good story. Ongoing. I particularly enjoy this one.
I check all of the above daily, except for Roswell, which is completed. Since most of them update only a couple of times a week, this doesn’t take long. There are two that I am still reading to get to the current page – Freefall and Schlock Mercenary.
Almost forgot – the first one I hit every day! Day by Day – political cartoon. Wit, on current events.

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