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The Apple iPad

I have decided that I want an Apple iPad. I want one because: I like to read. In bed; in the bathroom; in the doctor’s waiting room; while eating; in point of fact, I am rarely without a book. With … Continue reading

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About HughesNet

My internet service is provided by HughesNet. I am not impressed. I’m on their ProPlus plan – 1.6 Mbps (1,600,000 Kbps) down and 250 Kbps up. Their website lists that as $79.99 per month. My actual payout per month after … Continue reading

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Found on the Web

Do not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, For You Are Crunchy and Good With Ketchup. For some reason, this tickled me. Found over at Home on the Range – thanks, Brigid! -Popgun

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Highway Safety

I was on the way to work this morning, and saw an incident that was a few inches away from being a bad accident. Fortunately, the idiots missed each other. This happened at an uncontrolled intersection that has been the … Continue reading

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New Fundamental Scientific Law

We’ll call this one Popgun’s Law. The amount of fun in a lifetime is fixed. You only get a certain amount, and when it’s gone, you die. Restated, The rate of consumption of fun is inversely proportional to projected lifespan. … Continue reading

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Driving On Ice

Back in the ’70’s one time, the roads were getting icy fast down here in East Texas. I worked with a lady who was a recent immigrant from New York. She said, a bit pridefully, “I’m not worried about this. … Continue reading

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