New Fundamental Scientific Law

We’ll call this one Popgun’s Law.
The amount of fun in a lifetime is fixed. You only get a certain amount, and when it’s gone, you die.
The rate of consumption of fun is inversely proportional to projected lifespan.
This explains why people who skydive, ride motorcycles and bulls, and slide down mountains on pieces of wood, tend to die young, whereas old people who drive pickup trucks at 40 mph tend to live to be 100.
This would also explain why so many old people are crotchety. They are hoarding their remaining fun.
For that matter, when riding, I’ve noticed the gas mileage varies inversely with the amount of fun I’m having. I’m having a great time when my Suzuki is only getting 35 mpg.
I guess Popgun’s Corollary would be: More gas burned per mile = more fun.I’m sure the people who run dragsters would agree with this…

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