Highway Safety

I was on the way to work this morning, and saw an incident that was a few inches away from being a bad accident. Fortunately, the idiots missed each other. This happened at an uncontrolled intersection that has been the site of a number of deaths.

I don’t know how widespread the practice is, but down here in the south, it has become fairly common for relatives of the deceased to place a cross, sometimes with a wreath, beside the road at the location of a highway death. I think this practice was brought to us by our friends from the South (Mexican illegal immigrants) who are mostly Catholic. Maybe it is a custom in Mexico.

Perhaps we should make a law that the highway department should put up a white cross at all such locations any time a death occurs due to an automobile accident. This would give all drivers immediate feedback on how risky a particular intersection is.

I mean, if you approach an intersection and see 35 or so crosses over at the side of the road, it is bound to make you more cautious, right?


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