About HughesNet

My internet service is provided by HughesNet. I am not impressed.

I’m on their ProPlus plan – 1.6 Mbps (1,600,000 Kbps) down and 250 Kbps up. Their website lists that as $79.99 per month. My actual payout per month after whatever fees and insurance are added is $91.51 per month.

Over a period of several days, I have been checking my speeds.

Using Internet Frog (www.internetfrog.com) the average of 54 speed checks over a period of five days is 520 kbps down and 97 kbps up. The lowest download speed was just 75 kbps, and the lowest upload speed was unmeasurable.

Using HughesNet’s system speed check tool, the numbers are 873 kbps down and 120 kbps up. That’s based on 19 speed checks over about the same period. The minimum speed was 321 kpbs and the minimum upload speed was 73 kpbs.

I’m not really surprised that the HughesNet tool gives better numbers, of course. You can’t run it on other systems for comparison, and frankly, I believe it is – shall we say – optimistic. I did a random sample of several other online speed checks, and they are consistent with the InternetFrog numbers.

So I’m getting about 1/3 of the performance I’m paying for, roughly. Unfortunately, where I live, options are seriously limited. Neither cable nor DSL is available here.

Next thing to do is call customer service and see if they can improve on it. I am not a happy camper.


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