Radioactive Snow

When I was a young boy, snow was a big thing. I remember in one good snow fall, we had the neighbors over, and we made snow ice cream. Judging by this article, I’m guessing this was 1957; I was probably four years old. I was sent out to get the snow, which I did with my red wagon. I believe it took me several trips to get enough.

So we were all eating snow ice cream, and watching the news on our black-and-white TV. There was a news bulletin – one of those “we interrupt this program to bring you this important message” type things.

The message: Due to radioactive fallout from the atomic bomb tests out west, do NOT eat the snow. Repeat: do NOT eat the snow.

We just kept right on eating our ice cream. Boy, it was good, too.

You know, thinking back on it, this could explain some things….


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