And We Have Snow in East Texas

It snowed most of yesterday and last night. It’s still dark, but we did get a nice blanket of snow; when the sun comes up, I’ll estimate how much we got.

Unfortunately, vehicles are moving on the roads, so it looks like I’m going to have to go to work.

Update: Went to work, nobody there, and the electricity was off, so I went back home. Driving was reasonably safe at 40 mph, but there were numerous inexperienced and/or inconsiderate drivers on the road. One idiot wanted to tailgate whoever was in front of him, so I pulled over and let him go by; another, pulling a trailer, passed several other vehicles including mine, spraying a rooster-tail of freezing dirty ice sludge all over the vehicles. When this moron passed me, I literally could not see for a good 10 or 15 seconds, and I am lucky I stayed in the road.

So now I’m home, drinking chocolate flavored coffee. Nice. Internet connection a little flaky.

Here’s a picture I took before I left to go to work.


The snow is about five inches deep on flat surfaces.


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