In The Spirit of the Thing

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, we had a bit of fun at the office.

The company I work for is a value-added reseller for pump systems. Frequently this means that we fabricate base plates and mount pumps, motors and other equipment on the bases. I’m the mechanical design department. Also buyer, salesman, receptionist, computer systems manager, programmer, and what have you.

We are working on a fairly large unit, with a structural base plate weighing around 8500 pounds. This particular base was fabricated for us by one of our partners according to my drawings. Probably about $14,000 worth.

So our shop guys are outside painting this huge base plate, nearly 8 feet wide by 25 feet long. With my boss’s collusion, I walked outside this morning and took a picture of it with my iPhone, carefully minimizing recognizable background. I went back into my office, downloaded the photo to my laptop, loaded it up in Photoshop, and mirrored it, right to left.

I then emailed the modified photo to our partner, explaining that they had really screwed up and had fabricated the thing backwards.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang. In a very small, depressed voice, “I got your email. Are we going to be able to salvage any of the thing?”… and I held it for a few seconds, but then I cracked up. “You do know this is April 1, don’t you?”

I got him. Snort. It’s not often you get to convince somebody that they’ve made a $14,000 mistake…


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