Popgun’s iPad Review #2

The iPad is integrating nicely in my daily life. I love how lightly you need to touch the screen; like other Apple products, mostly “it just works”. The word that comes to my mind after handling the iPad is “elegant”.

This thing is slicker than snot on a glass doorknob!

Cleaning the thing is extremely easy; I don’t know what coatings are on the glass, but it is very easy to wipe away fingerprints. I use the microfiber cloth that came with my iPhone.

Reading is a treat; and I can read in bed with the lights off, which is helpful for Texas Grandma who is trying to sleep. It is a bit heavier than the average paperback, but holding a paperback in one hand puts my hand to sleep; the iPad doesn’t do that. On the flip side, you find yourself holding the iPad with both hands, or resting it on your knee (or chest, if you’re reclining).

I just discovered the many free books available in iBooks; I may be catching up on my classics…

After all these years, a practical way to browse the internet while in the bathroom! But, keep it dry!

PCalc is an excellent RPN calculator for OS X, the iPhone and the iPad; its functionality is great, and on the iPad it is easier to use because you have more room to hit the keys.

I have a .511 vest that works pretty well for carrying the iPad, in the front-left carry pocket; but I may look at the ScottEVest at some point – it has a pocket made for the iPad, that is oriented vertically, which would be better. I’m also waiting on the Apple iPad Case, which is on the way here from China.

My Apple Wireless Keyboard arrived; it took about 20 seconds to figure out how to sync via bluetooth to the iPad, and it has worked flawlessly so far, although I haven’t had time to use it very much.

In any case, I’m still pleased with the iPad, and it does in fact change the way I do many things – in a good way, so far. I haven’t had much to complain about.


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