Popgun’s iPad #4 – Observations

I’ve now been using the iPad for a while, and now my iPhone feels so – small!

Isn’t the iPad kind of bulky to carry around all the time? Well, actually, if I wasn’t carrying the iPad, I’d be carrying a book. So for me, this isn’t a problem. And with the iPad, you get WAY more functionality than you get with just a book.

The iPad has replaced the iPhone for me, for everything except GPS functions (and the occasional weather radar), and of course the occasional phone call.

I have not purchased a physical book since I got the iPad. I now have seven books or documents in there (including a free Constitution of the U.S.). That excludes the single book that is installed by default.

Reading, surfing the web, occasionally playing games, using PCalc the calculator, checking the weather, email, music, photos, calendar – all this stuff and more in a package you can conveniently have with you all the time.

I don’t turn my main computer on at home anymore, except for the occasional task that I can’t do on the iPad. That includes accounting, synchronizing the iPad and iPhone, CAD work, etc. It’s probably cut my computer use (at home) by 80%.

The 64 GB version is a bit pricy, but I probably won’t upgrade my MacBook Pro until next year. Multitasking (coming soon) is not really there yet, but it switches between tasks so quickly and transparently that you don’t miss it much. About the only thing I have actually missed so far is that Safari can’t open up multiple tabs at the same time, something I frequently do on the MacBook Pro.

The iPad has successfully brought us Starfleet’s data pads, hundreds of years early. All in all, well done.


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