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It’s Biblical

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Another Reason I Love Texas

Lawdog tells me that the Texas’ State Capitol Building has actually put in an express lane for citizens who have concealed handgun licenses (CHL). The reasoning is that CHL holders have already been through training and a background check that … Continue reading

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Practical Self Defense

The inimitable Tamara, at View From The Porch, lays out some common-sense ideas on self-defense, while debunking an ignorant politician with her usual tact (nonexistent). Entertaining, educational, and useful information all in one place. -Popgun

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My Sister, Satan and Goats

My Dad went through a goat-raising phase. He had six acres of land that he had fenced appropriately for goats, and he decided to raise them for fun & profit. We had around a dozen goats of all sizes and … Continue reading

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God, I Love Texas!

God, I love Texas! -Popgun

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Every once and a while, you have to take a look at yourself and take stock in what you see. Yesterday afternoon I found myself leaving a local church, when I met a well-dressed Hispanic man who needed directions to … Continue reading

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The Real Wild West

Here is an article by Brigid over at Home on the Range, which lays out the reality of broad ownership of firearms in the old west. Her article clearly dispels many of the untrue myths that have been created by … Continue reading

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