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Fun At Work

Things I have seen or done for entertainment while on the job, in no particular order: (PG is me, SE is somebody else but I saw it) PG > Tried to get my boss to step on a drop on … Continue reading

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Atomic Fireballs

Atomic Fireballs can cause altered states of consciousness, and also scalp sweating. -Popgun

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Gun Control Philosophy

It’s interesting to me that liberal positions on gun control are based on how “everybody just knows” that guns kill people. You will hear them say “there’s going to be a bloodbath” and “this decision will kill a lot of … Continue reading

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Great news for gun rights! The Supreme Court rules that second amendment rights extend to all fifty states! Justice Alito said: “the right to keep and bear arms must be regarded as a substantive guarantee, not a prohibition that could … Continue reading

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He’s a Rascal

I have a wired dog. I mean a weird dog. We love him, but he is one of those half-breeds that is gentle with you – as long as you don’t do certain things. If he thinks you are going … Continue reading

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Old Times

There was an informal family gathering the other night, following my Aunt’s funeral Monday. We wanted to get together because some of us don’t see the others very often. We traded various stories, and my Uncle D was telling some … Continue reading

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An Aunt’s Passing

There is something inspiring about a bunch of women and men of all ages who have come together to celebrate the passage of a dear friend or family member. This past week, my aunt on my father’s side passed away. … Continue reading

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All The Little Children

I found this article, about the legends and myths of street children, very touching – and interesting, too. It’s worth reading. Kudos to Bayou Renaissance Man for writing it. He’s a better writer than I am – go over there … Continue reading

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It must be my week for critter-encounters. I was riding my Suzuki home for lunch a few minutes ago. A few hundred yards before my driveway, a mother Raccoon and three tiny little raccoon kits crossed the road in front … Continue reading

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Wow. I’ve been taking an alternate route to work the last week or so because the main highway is mostly blocked off for resurfacing. As I drove down one of those black-top roads this morning, I happened to look to … Continue reading

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