Texas Grandma and I went up to Hot Springs, Arkansas and spent a couple of days for our 35th anniversary. We had a great time, went to see the Maxwell Blade magic show on Friday night. This is a very nicely done parlor magic show, with a lot of humor injected to keep it moving. We enjoyed it a lot.

The next day we did the scenic mountain drive up by the tower, early while it was cool, and then went to do some activities like miniature golf, a couple of meals, and things like that. The miniature golf was at the Pirate’s Cove; and I have to say that this is the most interesting miniature golf course I’ve ever seen. All in all it was pretty laid back and we took our time and didn’t try to cram too much into it. We’re fairly familiar with Hot Springs, and probably go up there around once a year.

Hot Springs is also a biker town; if you like motorcycles, you can see a pretty nice assortment. We took the Gold Wing (which I no longer own) up there one year. I saw one V-8 powered trike on this trip, too.

If you ever make it up to Hot Springs, go see the magic show. Hot Springs is pretty unique as a town; the only place I’ve ever been that was somewhat similar was also in Arkansas; Eureka Springs. Both towns are heavily dependent on the tourist trade, and both rely also on the natural beauty of the hilly areas of Arkansas.


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