He’s a Rascal

I have a wired dog. I mean a weird dog. We love him, but he is one of those half-breeds that is gentle with you – as long as you don’t do certain things. If he thinks you are going to do something to him, like cut his hair for instance, he will go from friendly to satanic in about a tenth of a second.

Consequently, grooming him is something we don’t really do. Unfortunately, he has really thick fur, and he really suffers in the sweltering summers we have here. His hair gets matted in areas, causing bacterial infections, and it’s really a mess.

So, we decided we’d get his hair cut off. We finally found a groomer that is willing to work on a dog with issues, by sedation if necessary; and he did need sedation.

He bit two of the technicians in the process of getting the muzzle on him. They told me the next time I bring him in, I get to be the one to put the muzzle on him. I apologized profusely for him, but they told me it was just part of the business. Oddly enough, they are willing to let me come back. As long as I put the muzzle on him. This is before:


After all was said and done, Rascal came home, got over the lethargy from the anesthetic, and I can tell that he feels much, much better. And I’m beginning to get used to his appearance. This is after:


Weird, but I think he actually likes it.


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