Gun Control Philosophy

It’s interesting to me that liberal positions on gun control are based on how “everybody just knows” that guns kill people. You will hear them say “there’s going to be a bloodbath” and “this decision will kill a lot of people”, referring to today’s Supreme Court judgement that rules that nationwide, you have the right to own a gun for self defense.

Guns are in fact dangerous – if they are in the hands of criminals. In the hands of honest, law-abiding citizens, who have taken it upon themselves to learn proper use and safety, however, guns are in reality life-saving equipment, especially when confronted with the other kind of gun owner (criminals).

Statistics prove this point. When liberals and gun control advocates make their cases for taking our guns away, careful attention to the facts will refute their theses.

Here are a few good sources if you actually want to learn the reality:

More Guns, Less Crime by John R. Lott. Statistical research which proves that gun ownership is a net positive, and violent crime rates invariably go down whenever gun ownership goes up. This is an excellent source of real facts of the matter, based on legitimate studies and statistics. I should also say that this is the third edition; the information within has remained un-refuted by those who would dearly love to be able to do so.

Gun Facts. More of the same, but last updated in 2009. Free, and downloadable.

The Cornered Cat, by Kathy Jackson. Although it is written by a woman, for women, this is the single best source of information for practical concealed carry of firearms that I have found anywhere. I also like that she covers in the most clear way possible why you might want to consider this, the moral reasons for doing so, the correct mind set, and even how this relates to Jesus and the ‘turn the other cheek’ philosophy. An excellent web site, and also a fun read!

Home on the Range, by Brigid. This article portrays the reality of the old west, as opposed to the gunfights-every-day that Hollywood would have you believe. And this one is about the current Supreme Court decision. Brigid is a lyrical writer with a way of making things clear, and the technical expertise to have valid opinions on the subject.

If you happen to be one of those anti-gun people, I would suggest you check out these websites, and make informed decisions based on facts.


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