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A Passing Thought

I wonder how many people with the ‘exploding bomb’ ringtone have gotten in trouble with security at airports? -Popgun

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Where Do Most Mass Shootings Happen?

Here is an excellent article by John Lott which clearly shows a couple of things: Almost all multiple-victim public shootings happen in gun free zones (where the victims are not allowed to have their own guns with which to protect … Continue reading

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Texas Grandma and I went up to Hot Springs, Arkansas and spent a couple of days for our 35th anniversary. We had a great time, went to see the Maxwell Blade magic show on Friday night. This is a very … Continue reading

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My Dad, the Pyromaniac

My Dad, Charlie B., was a pyromaniac. I have seen him set brush piles on fire while it was raining. About the time Texas Grandma and I got married 35 years ago, Dad lived in a small wood-frame shack which … Continue reading

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Fun with Mice

When I was a boy, we had a bit of a problem with mice. Often, in my bedroom at the end of the house, I would hear them in the walls, chewing on wood. At least, that’s what it sounded … Continue reading

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