Busy, But Not Especially Funny

It’s been a while since I posted over here. My apologies; I’ve had a lot going on, but not much of it of any importance to anyone else. Texas Grandma is visiting J in New York City, and while she’s been gone, I’ve been doing some work around the house. Nothing too heavy, and I’m avoiding working outside in the afternoons – it’s been pretty hot.

A few days ago, Uncle D took a fall and broke his left arm in four places, between the elbow and shoulder. While they were fixing that, he had an allergic reaction to morphine, so he got to spend a day in the ICU. But he’s home now, and doing pretty well; for which I am thankful. Uncle D is a good man, and he reminds me of my Dad, his brother, some, although my Dad was quite a bit rougher around the edges.

ADDENDUM 7/19/10: Uncle D had to go back into the hospital with issues unrelated to the above, though possibly influenced by them. We think at this point he’ll be OK, but he is still in the hospital.

Then there is my year-and-a-half old grandson T, who did a face plant on a stone tile floor and got a pretty good sized goose-egg on his forehead. It turned out there was no structural damage to either him or the floor, but a trip was made to the ER to be sure. Both my grandkids are happy kids, and it is a joy to spend time with them.

Me and my crazy dog have otherwise been getting along OK, I guess, though we both miss Texas Grandma. A few days ago I put a flea collar on Rascal. I need to trim the length of it, but I think I’m going to leave it long, for my safety. Rascal is one dog you have to respect. You can play rough with him without fear of getting bit, but just try coming near him with scissors, and you risk personal injury.

A few more chores to do this morning, then get ready to go to DFW to pick up Texas Grandma tomorrow afternoon. I’ll surely be glad when she’s back! I’m like half a see-saw when she’s gone.


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