The Bell Curve

There are many things in life that are governed on a bell curve. You know, this is the probability distribution curve that your teacher in school used to try to grade on; most student’s grades fall in the middle 80%, with some super-achievers at the far right, and the really slow students at the far left.

The number of things that go right or wrong on a given day can be measured on a bell curve, too. The less things go wrong, the more to the right of the curve; the more things that go wrong, the further to the left. Most days are somewhere in the middle.

Today, Monday July 26, 2010, appears to be one of my personal far-left-on-the-bell-curve days. At least six urgent issues have arisen since I arrived at work this morning, including customers needing information RIGHT NOW, and our office coordinator’s computer’s video card dying, probably due to the major thunderstorm that sailed through last night. I just finished driving downtown to get her another card and installing it; she’s back up and running. Two or three other issues are working, and I’m about to start on another three or four. What a day!

Sometimes, everything just happens at once. My motto, used several times today already:

“If ain’t nobody bleeding, it’s NOT an emergency!”

I stopped to do this blog entry to help maintain my sanity. I hope to have another entry later today.


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