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A Wake Up Call

Th. video at this link is very interesting; it is a wake up call for Christians to become more active in witnessing. Thanks to my kids for bringing it to my attention. It’s worth watching, whether you are a Christian … Continue reading

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Flashbacks #1

Flashbacks are very short stories of incidents in my life that are not long enough for a regular blog post, but may (or may not) be interesting, notable, or funny. Your mileage may vary. Here we go: Circa November, 1953: … Continue reading

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Hydration is Important!

Hydration is important, especially in weather like we’ve been having. However, it is probably not a good idea to hydrate with coffee. -Popgun

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Tractors I Have Known and Loved (snort)

I’ve been around tractors all of my life, really. Every single one has its own history and personality. My Dad had an old Oliver tractor when I was very young. I don’t remember much about this one, except that the … Continue reading

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Hot Summer

The forecast for the next five days is 101, 101, 101, 100, 100. If that is binary code, in base 10 it would equal 23,396. -Popgun

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Miscellaneous Stuff!

Sorry for the lack of posting here. I’ll try to improve on that in the near future. It’s been kind of busy, what with one thing and another, mentally. On the good side of things, I’ve lost 20 pounds since … Continue reading

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The Logic of Guns for Self Defense

Texas Grandma is working as a crew member in the local Hot Air Balloon Races. While there, one of the balloon pilots made comments which made clear his anti-gun bias. Being polite, she only said that she would simply have … Continue reading

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