The Logic of Guns for Self Defense

Texas Grandma is working as a crew member in the local Hot Air Balloon Races. While there, one of the balloon pilots made comments which made clear his anti-gun bias. Being polite, she only said that she would simply have to agree to disagree with him on this topic.

Thinking about this, and the dimly lit several-hundred-acre parking field at the balloon races, brought the following to mind – what follows, with some changes, was originally posted May 2009:

Self Defense in a World Without Guns

I was reading comments on another blog the other day, and some guy posted something like this:

“I wish they’d just get rid of all the guns and then nobody would have to worry anymore.”


What do you do when you’re in a lonely place and are confronted with, say, three or so thugs who are armed with knives and baseball bats? I’m 56 years old – I doubt I could outrun them, myself.

What if it’s just one thug – but he’s hopped up on drugs, or is much bigger than you, or both?

Guns are still the only available means of self defense that can handle that sort of situation. A taser won’t do it, pepper spray won’t do it – you’re outnumbered, and thugs aren’t afraid of those things. Tasers have only one or two shots and may or may not work in the rain or when heavy clothing is involved. Pepper spray depends on a direct hit to the face; can be ignored by some people; and probably is useless in the rain (no data that I have seen).

A gun is the ONLY available type of weapon that will let you defend yourself effectively against multiple assailants, unless you are some sort of martial arts wizard.

Even a gun won’t help you if you are caught off guard – but if you’re paying attention and have a gun, you have a chance, even against multiple bad guys.


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